Extinction News

These updates supplement earlier posts (here and here) on the Holocene extinction (happening now), an accelerating mass extinction caused by humans' catastrophic destruction of natural habitat and direct exploitation of organisms, associated with increased human population and per capita consumption. As the damaged ecosystems are required to sustain human life, ecologists expect this disaster to inevitably include the extinction of humans.

This is NOT about the "humans cause global warming / climate change" (AGW) lie (see these references for proof). This is about a real environmental tragedy. Further, as the ecological collapse is speeding up, we could vanish sooner than most people are able to appreciate.

2019 (July) Birdwatch Ireland.The Irish bird population is in dramatic decline.

40% of the country's waterbirds, or half a million, were lost in the prior 20 years. Loss of habitat is the reason for the decline. One of every five Irish bird species assessed in the su…

Solar storm effects on human health and behaviour

Solar storms
The sun continuously emits a stream of charged particles (“solar wind”) in all directions. The wind blows radially away from the sun, its speed and density are highly variable, and it contains a magnetic field that is also highly variable in magnitude and direction. When the sun is relatively calm, the only manifestation of solar wind may be the auroras (Northern or Southern Lights), caused by the excitation of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen by the wind’s energetic electrons (Lenz, 2004).
A geomagnetic storm, or solar storm, is caused by a solar wind shock wave that strikes the Earth's magnetic field, resulting in a worldwide temporary disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere, distinct from regular diurnal variations. This only occurs if the shock wave travels in a direction toward Earth. During a geomagnetic storm, “portions of the solar wind's energy are transferred to the magnetosphere, causing Earth's magnetic field to change rapidly in direction and intens…

Suicide by Lunar and Seasonal Factors

In my work as a clinical psychologist I noticed that lunar and seasonal factors were associated with the demand for appointments, symptoms and symptom intensity reported across meetings, and relapse. In order to investigate the effects of lunar and seasonal factors on psychological distress, in 2011 I did a study of this subject using the dates of 43,645 suicides in England and Wales from 2001 to 2010. Due to clinical work demands I never finished preparing the study for publication. I have posted extracts from a draft write-up below, as I think the results are of potential interest to others. The results are consistent with what I had noticed in my work and I often referred to these results in order to help people understand and better manage their difficulties associated with these natural environment stressors.
The concept of homeostasis is central to the idea of stress. Most biochemical processes in biology strive to maintain equilibrium, which is more of an i…

Do or Die History Test

Question 1.  Massmurder (5 points)
(a) In which country did the worst mass murder of the 20th centuryoccur? (b) By what name(s) is the mass murder known?
(c) In what year did this mass murder start?
(d) How many people were murdered (approx)?
(e) Name the ethnic group that perpetrated this mass murder.
Question 2.Mass murder(5 points)
(a) By what name is the mass murder in Ukraine, 1932 - 1933, known?
(b) How many people were murdered (approx)?
(c) Name the ethnicity of the person (Politburo Member Lazar Kaganovich) who planned and directed this mass murder.
(d) Name the ethnicity of the person (NKVD Chief Genrick Yagoda) who actively implemented this mass murder.
(e) Name the main ethnicity of the NKVD apparatchiks who enforced the mass murder.
Question 3.Mass Murder(9points)