Killer religions

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Ethnocentrism and Achievements of White People
Modern 'education' and mass media

No more lies about Adolf Hitler

Born 20 April 1889, Died 30 April 1945 (56 years)
Mein Kampf – by Adolf Hitler (published in German 1925). Translation of Mein Kampf into English by James Vincent Murphy, 1939. A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook.
The Nazi Primer: Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth –  by Adolf Hitler. Translation of the original into English by James Vincent Murphy, 1938. 
Publisher comment: The National Socialist outlook on life is no theory – it adapts itself strictly to existing reality. The ideal of National Socialism is born of experience. It is a factual and realistic outlook on life.
Review by Philip Dawes, Sep 2019: The idealistic basis for the renewal of the German nation. Disregarding the entirety of the corrupt and fraudulent narrative of tortuous lies and hatred showered upon Adolf Hitler following that terrible period of WWII, and the unprecedentedly massive brainwashing and indoctrination generated around the world, Hitler was fundamentally an idealist and great thinker. T…

God and Heaven

The Primacy of Consciousness
Our entire experience is a construction in our mind (consciousness). Everything we know, including space, time and matter, manifests from consciousness. Other names for consciousness include God and the Quantum Vacuum Field. Source: The Primacy of Consciousness, an article by physicist Peter Russell. 
More about the primacy of consciousness:

The Primacy of Consciousness -- physicist Peter Russell (video).
Why Explore Cosmos and Consciousness? -- physicist Andrei Linde (video), e.g. "Before you observe, nothing exists. Once you observe, everything looks as if it existed all the time.Consciousness exists without matter."
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God -- an interview with physicist Amit Goswami (article), e.g. "Consciousness is the ground of all being."
Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter -- Dean Radin, PhD.
Quantum Entanglement
A Quantum View of the World -- Dean Radin, Ph.D (video).
Entangled Minds and Beyond -- Dean Radin,…

Modern 'education' and mass media


Ethnocentrism and Achievements of White People

Ethnocentrism is the tendency to view one’s group as centrally important and as superior to other groups at the expense of an out-group. It is a universal human reaction found in all known societies, in all groups and in practically all individuals. Everyone learns ethnocentrism while growing up. History for example, is often taught to glorify the achievements of one's own nation, while religious, civic and other groups disparage their competitors openly. People such as White nationalists who exhibit a healthy and “positive” evaluation of their own ethnic group are normal human beings. 
Necessary for group success and survival. Ethnocentrism is a key mechanism facilitating in-group cooperation and consistent with evolutionary theory. Groups high in ethnocentrism have a "we" feeling; loyalty to comrades; shared ethics and morality; less conflict; high contentment; a positive self-image; pride; love for self and community; and devotion to community, societ…